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Badger Trust – Sussex (BT-S) Data Protection Policy

1. Introduction

BT-S needs to collect and process certain types of information about its members and individuals who contact the group. This personal data must be collected and dealt with appropriately and there are safeguards to ensure this under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Personal data includes use of photographic images which must not be published in any format without the express permission of all individuals featured.


2. Disclosure

BT-S regards the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as very important to achieving best practice and to maintaining the confidence of those with whom we deal. 

BT-S will not share personal data without the express knowledge and consent of the individual(s) concerned, except where the group is legally required to do so.  

BT-S intends to ensure that personal information is treated lawfully and correctly.

To this end, BT-S will adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation, which requires that personal information:

  1. Shall be processed fairly and lawfully,

  2. Shall be used only for the purposes for which it is obtained,

  3. Shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date,

  4. Shall not be kept for longer than is necessary,

  5. Shall be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation,

  6. Shall be kept secure using measures to prevent unauthorised or unlawful use.

BT-S will,

  • Take appropriate measures to safeguard personal information

  • Set out clear procedures for responding to requests for information


3. Data collection

When collecting personal data, BT-S will ensure that the individual:

  1. Clearly understands why the information is needed,

  2. Understands what it will be used for and what the consequences are should the Individual/Service User decide not to give consent to processing,

  3. As far as reasonably possible, grants explicit consent, either written or verbal for data to be processed,

  4. Has received sufficient information on why their data is needed and how it will be used.


4. Data Storage

Information and records relating to service users will be stored securely and will only be accessible to authorised persons.

Information will be stored for only as long as it is needed and will be disposed of appropriately.


5. Data access

Individuals have the right to access the information BT-S holds about them. Subject access requests can be made to the Secretary of BT-S.


6. Privacy Policy

BT-S will clearly state its privacy policy, viz:

  • The personal data we collect is limited to name, contact details and membership information (where applicable).

  • Personal data is stored and used only for the purpose for which it is collected.

  • Personal data is stored securely on local IT equipment and is accessed only by authorised persons.

  • We do not share personal data with any other party without the express knowledge and consent of the individual(s) concerned.

  • Individuals may contact us to make a subject access request.

For more information, please go on-line to see the Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation.

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